Chichi Battles Misty

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These two just can’t get along and go right into it with Misty taking the lead putting Chichi through her headscissors and then locking on several dominations on Chichi. She even put her crotch on Chichi’s beautiful face. With such as it was she strips Chichi and then gets striped down herself. Eventually Chichi is put to nap by Misty and pinned. Of course Chichi has to come back with her revenge and puts Misty through some of her own doing a split legged facesit squeeze along with various dominations. Chichi would not even think of forgetting her famous headscissors holds. It just would not be Chichi and in fact she makes sure she K0s Misty with a her well know reverse headscissors. She finally makes sure Misty is out for sure before going for a 10 count pin to gain her victory..
Video Information:
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 21 Minutes
Price: $17.00 USD

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