Catfight Seduction

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Peyton and Paisley are meeting for a typical match. Paisley is stretching when Peyton enters the mat space. Peyton is dressed in lingerie rather than the outfit they were told to wear. She wants to have a “special seductive match” with Paisley. Paisley is not having it and understands why Peyton showed up dressed like she was. Peyton dominated totally to paisley throughout the match. Peyton uses things like bearhug, foot over mouth, neck twitch, a couple píns, and head scissors. After each submission she takes advantage of Paisley and touches her without any fight from Paisley. She kisses all over Paisleys body and rubs her down after a 10 count pin. Paisley keep waking up confused and wondering what Peyton has been doing to her. Peyton definitely came prepared for these pins so she could take exactly what she wanted. Hopefully there’s a rematch one of these days, as I think Paisley would love to flip the script! .
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