Catfight Championships

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Welcome to the Catfight Championships… Where the fighting is dramatic, rough, and detrimental to building up ones reputation. Amber and Paisley take it to the mats. Amber thinks that Paisley is no match for her, Paisley thinks the same. They both disrobe while talking and introducing themselves. There is plenty talking throughout the match. Paisley dominates for some of the match using all sorts of cool holds! She knocks out Amber cold, shows off her head as a trophy, then poses like the cocky fighter that she is. Amber wakes up since Paisley didn’t knock her out good enough. She does a sneak attack and takes Paisley down to the mats. She domiantes paisley and mocks her sense of fight humor. What comes next is a COLD KNOCK OUT followed by a sexy 10-count leg pin. I wonder if Amber made the same mistake that Paisley did. Will Paisley get out of this one? Watch as these two babes hold nothing back while on the mats. After all, this is the Catfight Championships; if you don’t win then why are you even fighting anymore. .
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As in so many of your videos, there’s too many tight close-ups. I know that’s intended to get the viewer close to the action, but wider shots would allow him to see the holds.

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