In Bikinis Vicky vs Paisley

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Paisley really does not like any newbies especially and it showed in her face and attitude on this particular sexy thick booty thick thigh babe named Vicky. She makes her debut on Dreamland against paisley and was really excited to start until Paisley really did a number on her in some different but painful dominations. Paisley just unleashed all of her experience on Vicky causing one painful hold after another and having no mercy on Vicky. It lasted quite a while until Paisley just finally put Vicky in a naperhold and pinned her for the 10 count. Later Vicky comes back with a vengeance on Paisley sneaking up with her naperhold on her and then applying one hold and domination after another. How sexy Vicky looked in her one piece black bathing suit as she applied various holds as well some constricting headscissors. One particular Reverse Fig 4 headscissors was used to finished Paisley and that move seem to be Vicky’s fave. She sits on Paisley’s neck counts to 10 hooking one leg. Good night sweet Paisley from Vicky the newbie.
Video Information:
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length:  23 Minutes
Price: $13.00 USD

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