Ball Squeezing

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Not sure what to say about this match except… HOLY SHIT…. Zoey ruined the balls of this intruder! Intruder enters home while Zoey is relaxed and gets on top of her rubbing his crotch on her tight ass. She wakes up and rolls over to him choking her. She reached down and grips his balls so tight, nails digging in, not letting go! This is when the fun begins! She brings him to his feet and she starts kicking his ass! H his like her puppet when she has his balls in her hands. She used every tool imaginable on his genitals! From the hairdryer in the bathroom to the meat tenderizer in the kitchen. He chases her when she things she can get away. He grabs a hot iron to make her pay for what she has done but she turns around and uses it on him; burning his cock, balls, and ass to a crisp! She finishes off by sitting on his face while jackhammering his cock and balls. .
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Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 23 Minutes
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