Amanda Battles Paisley

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These two start out locking horns and Amanda right uses her size and strength over Paisley to bring her down and give her a beating. Amanda knows how to use what she gots to win and so she does. At one point Amanda locks her bodyscissors on Paisley just squeezing and crushing Paisley’s abdomen with her powerful thunder thighs. After a while Amanda decides to put Paisley away and squeeze her in a naperhold and pinning her for the 10 count.

It wasn’t over yet for these as Paisley comes and attacks Amanda and gives her a taste of what ss she has built up from experience. Paisley not only taunts Amanda and enjoys her dominance over her but she even goes too far as to bite on her. That has always been Paisley’s thing and she ends up wearing Amanda down o the point where she gets her in her own scissorhold and she does it from getting on Amanda’s back and sinks it in until Amanda is in Dreamland.

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