All Oiled Up!

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Zoey and Paisley are at it again! They show up in tight sexy leggings and plan to make this match even more interesting with oil! Paisley and Zoey take turns oiling up with Paisley inciting she fill in all the spots that her opponent missed! After being coated with the thick slippery oil they do their own mini interview. The fight begins after the face-off. They link up and struggle for dominance. They fall to the ground rather quickly. Zoey gets a body scissor on Paisley almost immediately. As Paisley tries to breath through the scissor and tit attacks, she finally breaks through catching Zoey in a full-nelson/body-scissor combo. They go back and forth for awhile struggling to get tight holds on the slick mats. In the middle of the match they remove their leggings to reveal sexy thongs as they oil the rest of their bodies. They finish off the match with Zoey getting Paisley in a 10-count pin. Paisley says Zoey can win all and get her penalty if Zoey can beat her in arm wrestling. They struggle for awhile before Zoey wins the arm wrestling. Paisley, a sore loser, tries to leave before giving Zoey her well deserved win. Zoey pulls Paisley to the mats with one foot on her throat and the other smashing her pussy. She does a super sexy victory pose before leaving the defeated Paisley on the ground. She bids her farewell as she oils her body once again. .
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Always a treat to see an oil wrestling video from this studio. The stripping to reapplication of oil was definitely great fan service as well. You are a treasure cove in the WAM wrestling industry <3

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