Agent Cat: Squeezing Endz

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On her first assignment Agent Cat looks into an organized criminal warehouse to see what she finds. She gets caught off guard and is stripped down to her underwear ready to be interrogated or maybe worse. Her weapon was taken and she is held against her will awaiting her soon demise. She however will no just sit and await her possible fate butt she aims to change the outcome of the situation. She then attempts to sexually lure a gullible henchman into lowering his weapon so she can catch him off guard. She moves quick and ponces on him like a cat knocking him down. She quickly wraps her dangerous legs around his neck and squeezes so hard he is weaken for her next move. When he is vulnerable to her enough she sits on his face squeezing him until he stops moving. After a long while of struggling he is done for and she checks his pulse to make sure he is no more. She then drags his body away thinking its all over until The main guy responsible for capturing her sneaks up on her. Its a bit of a struggle but she gets the upper hand on him and knocks him down only to continuously punch him until she nearly is depleted with energy. She finishes him off the same way she did on the last henchmen. Scissored and squeezed until this guy is also permanently done for. Great job for a first time in the field but will it be her last..
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Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 15 Minutes
Price: $15.99 USD

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