Adrianna Vs Vika 3 rounds


This match is a clash of titans featuring the Exotic beauty Adrianna Vs Russian Bombshell Vika … This is a best of three rounds submissions match with the winner of each round getting to punish the loser by a humiliating hold. The ladies start the first round by trading headscissors and bodyscissors, But Adrianna starts targeting Vika’s back using Boston crabs, surfboards as well as a Bow and Arrow hold which forces Vika to submit. So Adrianna punishes her by suffocating her in a facesit smother. The second round starts with back and forth action then Vika starts to over-power Adrianna making her submit to a tight reverse headscissors then humiliating her by a breast smother. So it all comes down to the final round which is back and forth with multiple scissors and pro-holds including a cross face and Camel clutch. We won’t give away who the winner is but all we can say that one girl makes the other submit to a dragon sleeper hold then humiliates her via a foot smother till she is totally knocked out!!! Don’t miss this Clash of Titans with tons of submission and humiliating holds!!.

Video Information:

Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 23 Minutes
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