Adrianna Teaches Boyfriend A Hard Lesson

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Well Adrianna is pissed at her man for coming home late and she practices squeezing her pillow between her thighs to let some steam. Too bad for her man he will soon know what being between her thighs will feel like momentarily. When he gets home they begin their argument and she then ask him to lay down so she make him feel comfortable and she begin her attack on him. She locks on her tight headscissors rendering him weak after being constricted but her best asset happen to be her ass. She panted it right on his face and squeezed him to her heart’s delight. She even KOd him with a Headscissors hold and woke him up to give him more squeezing and squeezing. It just wasn’t his night that is for sure and she ends up finishing him off again and he is put to nap as she smiles after knowing she has taught him a lesson.
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