A Test Of Strength

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Paisley and Mia are in for a  treat. Paisley goes to visit Mia and chat about training and what not. Mia  things she is definitely stronger than Paisley  but Paisley thinks otherwise. Paisley asks Mia if she wants to wrestle. Mia says yes…. Paisley suggests oil wrestling, Mia thinks that sounds sexy! The scene changes to them on an erotic oil sheet. They strip down making Paisleys fantasy become a reality. Paisley oils Mia up then Mia oils Paisley up. They start up this friendly yet competitive oil wrestling fight. You can tell Paisley is enjoying it immediately! They go back and forth applying scissors, grapevines, etc. The match starts to end but Paisley is enjoying herself too much. She starts bringing her Pussy against Mias pussy. They share intimate kisses before Paisley bursts in pleasure!

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Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX
Length: 26 Minutes
Price: $20.99 USD

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