The Out-Of-Towner


Paisley is an out of towner wanting to shoot the girls that are in a different producers territory. The other producer is Tilly McReese. Her and her girls do not like blow-ins like Paisley. Amber is determined she will kick Paisleys ass and send her back to where she came from. Local producer Tilly comes to support her girl Amber and cheer from the sidelines. The girls talk a bit of shit during the introduction, with Tilly and Amber teaming up on Paisley. The girls lock up and wrestle around for a couple minutes. It’s not long before Paisley gets Amber in a sleeper hold and knocks her out cold. Tilly can’t believe that her girl is down. She continues to root for her and hope she wakes. She tries waking her by sucking on her pretty toes and licking all over her soles. After awhile Tilly knows that Amber is not coming out of it. Paisley taunts Tilly and has her do unthinkable things to Amber. Then it happens… The secret of how Paisley controls all of the RVQ girls. She has Tilly grab something for her and hold it in front of Ambers knocked out face. Paisley had an app designed just for her to do hypnoses control on whomever she desires. Tilly is concerned about what’s going on and what is she doing to Amber. Watch the full video to see all of the good, the bad, and mindless fun. .

Video Information:

Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 16 Minutes
Price: $14.99 USD

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