Gone Too Far

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Rhythm and Angel meet on the mats for the first time. Angel is a session girl and Rhythm is a farm girl. The match starts out seemingly normal. Some basic shit talking, a stare down, and the link up. They immediately go full force. From the very start. Within a couple of minutes I debated on stopping the shoot because Angels lips looked purple. What was supposed to be a competitive match turned out to be full-on catfight that got cut by Rhythm half way through. I held the camera up for a second but nothing happened until I cut the camera off. We had to separate these aggressive girls and sent one out to get lunch while we finished shooting with the other. There was hair everywhere on the mats and some really emotional women. I mean who would want to stop that fight?! They know when to tap! Tell me what you think about this one in the comments below!.
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Competitive amateurs, lots of determination. I would like to see them after they’ve had more training in applying holds. “E” for effort.

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