This is a classic catfish story! Except the person catfishing is cat fishing to get revenge! Zoey is at home when she hears a ring coming from beneath her couch. She realizes that her boyfriend must have dropped his phone before leaving. She opens it to realize that he had been texting with another slut. This secret slut had been planning to go to a halloween costume party dressed as a pink power ranger. She asked over text if he could fuck her like he always does! Zoey is out for blood at this point! She gets a pink power ranger costume and shows up at his house. He lets her in and she asks to play a game before they leave. He agrees and the game starts to get out of hand when she starts playing a bit out of his comfort level! She revels herself at the end before finishing him off. She puts her mask back on before leaving so no cameras catch her leaving his place! .

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Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 11 Minutes
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